Meet Our Stylists

As we open our doors beyond Greater Hartford, we look forward to giving each new customer our hallmark personal service. We have a wonderful, experienced, talented staff that’s here to help make your style FLY, Fabulous Like You!





Meet our stylists...




Co-owner and the B in BK&CO, Barbara has worked in retail since she was in high school and, except for momentarily wanting to be a sports journalist, has never imagined herself doing anything else. Her thoughts about her 21 years at BK&CO: “It’s never work – it’s sometimes exhausting but it’s the best job surrounded by my best friend, the best staff and offering great service to the best customers. Pure joy!”

Favorite Go-To Outfit: Skinny pants, Frye boots, and anything leopard!

Style Advice: Have 3 or 4 outfits hanging in the front of your closet that can go anywhere depending on accessories and that make you feel fabulous – then on mornings when you wake up late (like me), you’ll feel pulled together and styled without having to stress too much. Stress can really kill a great outfit.



Co-owner and the K in BK&CO, Karen planned to own a boutique with her best friend, Barbara, since she was a junior in high school. Karen loves this about the women’s boutique that is her dream: “I have the opportunity to empower women to try something new. Most of the time it is a piece of clothing they would have never tried on. Other times it is opening them up to new possibilities of color. Always, it is allowing them to feel as great as they look in their new clothing.”

Favorite Fashion Accessory: tri-metal hip belt and the BK&CO signature necklace worn wrapped twice.

Style Advice: Always put it ALL together. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, without overdoing it.



Deb has been a stylist for BK&CO for over a decade and a half, and brings a decidedly cosmopolitan twist to her fashion approach. She takes her inspiration from the windows of 5th Avenue in New York City and Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Having 2 closets, one in Connecticut and one in Florida, Deb knows how to wardrobe for any season and how to maximize fashion impact with accessories and go-to pieces.

Current Fashion Obsession: skinny pants from Lissette – they are flattering on so many shapes.

Style Advice: Accessories are essential for every outfit, and make sure you never leave home without a great handbag.



Irena is our Ukrainian fashionista. She’s been a midwife, kindergarten teacher and a vice principal. She speaks three languages but she’s most passionate about how fashion speaks for her clients. On her fashion bucket list is to step out on the red carpet and take a picture with George Clooney.

Fashion Legacy: I hope that my fashion advice for my clients is truthful and honest.

Style Advice: Remember to think of comfort along with style. Once you’ve found your look, be true to it!




Always onstage~ Tammy has her degree in Theater with a teaching certificate. She acted, danced and was a make-up artist for Saks With Avenue in her 20’s.She owned her own exercise-dance studio.Now - she loves working with bk clients to help them ‘step out of their box’ into something fabulous. She wants heads to turn as you walk by!
Go-To Outfit:  A great pair of Liverpool Jeans and a chunky oversized Planet sweater- paired with a pair of LondonFly booties or sandals and a funky necklace!
Fashion Bucket List - Paris for Fashion Week



Sue knows beautiful when she sees it and wants our clients to have it! She is a realtor who loves fashion. She believes that the combo is totally fulfilling her passion.  
Fashion Icon: Gweneth Paltrow style is clean with clarity, pure and simple with a twist! 
Style Advise: I love a classic but trendy (or the reverse!) look to my style. I believe that you should always do what makes you feel fabulous! You will shine in your confidence and beauty!



Born on her mom’s birthday has made her life the ‘perfect gift’. Humor and an ease with clients and always honest is keeps her popular on the selling floor. 
Fashion Icon: Michelle Obama is a fashion maven who wears her style beautifully. 
Fashion Bucket List: My fashion goal is to achieve the ‘funky look’ that I desire! I have really stepped up my style while working at bk&co so I am very good at helping others to do the same. I love black and white, but I have moved into color which has made dressing fun!



Tennis is Janice’s first love ~ fashion is a close second! Her work schedule revolves around her matches which seems to be a great balance for her.  

Fashion Icon: Princess Diana and Princess Katherine. Classic royalty!
Fashion Legacy: Baggie tops and skinny bottoms. Running on the courts is the advantage for good legs and I am true to taking advantage of that in my fashion style! I always say - If you love something buy it in multiple colors!



Our high school prodigy is now almost finished college at UConn where she is studying to be a teacher. She has become a fashionista who always has a big smile on!
Fashion Icon:  Harry Styles (A perfect choice)
Go-To-Outfit:  Blue Baggie (Mom) Jeans, a sweater and sneakers — always a hair clip!
Fashion Legacy:  Me - always having a smile on my face with a welcoming hello and a positive attitude! Fashion begins with a friendly face!  



Our youngest staff member has become a total ‘fashion star’. Her sweet personality and brilliance has been a wonderful addition to our bk family.
Fashion Legacy: I love helping clients find their desired look. I have learned so much about the do’s and don’ts of fashion as I help style them. I depend on my staple pieces with added items that mix and match to switch things up to make a new look.
Fashion Icon: Zendaya

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