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Clara Sunwoo Fall 2018

Wrinkle-Resistant Women’s Clothing

Clara Sunwoo designs better-fitting clothes for women of all shapes and sizes! With two generations of fashion design expertise on their side, the team at Clara Sunwoo fuse classic and modern styles to create clothing that fits and feels beautiful.

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The Clara Sunwoo Story

Clara Sunwoo and her daughter, Roseann Sunwoo, have been designing timeless styles for women since 1997. When the fashion duo realized that women needed more precisely fit clothing, they decided to start their own clothing line. Less than 10 years later, the mother-daughter team created their signature soft stretch knit fabric. Clara Sunwoo clothes softly drape the body and conform to your unique shape for a flattering and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Soft to the touch
  • Tailored to your body type
  • Wrinkle-free & pack-friendly
Whether you’re searching for a new travel-friendly wardrobe or simply want a new look, Clara Sunwoo makes a woman feel how she should: Comfortable, confident and beautiful. Find the perfect-fitting tops, bottoms and dresses today!
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