Virtual Styling #9: How To Build Your Wardrobe

Posted on April 22 2020


Barbara & Karen take you back to the blackboard to bring you Wardrobe Building #101: How to build a wardrobe with key essential pieces that work together for multiple looks.

We are going to build 3 different wardrobes: a versatile lifestyle wardrobe, a casual wardrobe and a travel wardrobe. In each wardrobe we’ll have core pieces and show you how to extend those pieces and build outfits that are interchangeable and work overtime to give you the most mileage out of your pieces.

As we become more environmental and conscious of sustainability, we want to invest in pieces that work well together and are easy to take care. There is a real freedom to having a closet full of coordinating pieces that can be intermixed endlessly to give you lots of different possibilities.

So many of our lines have fabulous core pieces that work well with novelty sweaters or a unique jacket. A few wonderful scarves or dramatic necklaces can extend your basic pieces and provide the perfect change up when you are traveling.

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