Virtual Styling #76: Chill to Frill

Posted on July 28 2021


Barbara & Tammy are in a groove in Virtual Styling #76 where they go from chill to frill - dressing for your special occasion.

It seems everyone is going to a wedding, or two, or four!...and needs a dress and something for the night before and something for the trip there and something for relaxing at the bar. Okay, we hear you!! Tonight we’re going to get glam and show you some gorgeous dresses for those upcoming weddings.

We have some beautiful dresses to show you from Frank Lyman and Eva Varro. Lots of sparkle and just the right amount of arm coverage!

AND, when you are traveling to your event, or hanging out in the hotel, or going to the rehearsal dinner at a brewery, we have some super cute casual to look relaxed but special. We love our Liverpool, and this collection of “chill” is adorable. We love the tag line…”get cozy – escape the crazy.” What’s not to love!!!

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