Virtual Styling #187: Traditional With A Twist

Posted on October 18 2023


Barbara & Karen go from fun and funky to traditional with a twist in Virtual Styling #187. "Traditional fashion with a twist" is styling classic or traditional clothing with a unique, modern, or unexpected element to create a fresh and innovative look.

Sometimes embracing fashion trends can feel way outside your comfortable zone, so instead, adding a small, unexpected twist and staying true to your traditional style can make trendy styling much more palatable.

We think you’ll love our “twists”…standard silhouettes with graffiti prints, layering edgier pieces over more conservative styles, playing with color – even when staying true to the black and white or neutral palettes. New zipper details, novelty buttons and splashes of metallic also help create a less traditional view and give a more signature look.

Brand new Chalet, LIV, Habitat and Porto!


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