Virtual Styling #177: What Did Barbie's Mother Wear?

Posted on August 09 2023


Barbara & Karen imagine what Barbie's mother might have worn in order to give Barbie her fashion inspiration in Virtual Styling #177. No other doll in American history is more famous than Barbie. Like all us fabulous women, Barbie’s style, career and hobbies have changed many times over the last 60 years. Sometimes she follows the trends and sometimes she sets them!

We thought it might be fun to explore where Barbie got her incredible sense of style. We are all convinced it had to be from her mother!! Someone had to teach Barbie all the ins and outs of putting together a head-turning outfit. More than a billion Barbie dolls and her friends have been sold all over the world. Let’s say her style resonates!

Her signature cardboard box illustrated her fashion sense with her wardrobe running from ball gowns to mini dresses, hoodies to swing coats, and bell-bottoms to vinyl mini skirts. And ALWAYS the perfect accessories!

We’re going to hit a few of the trends that Barbie made infamous. She loves pink…and so do we! She loves to make things sparkle and shimmer…and so do we! She likes to go mod and definitely appreciates a little hippie dippie…and so do we. Most most of all, Barbie likes a little glam…and so do we!!

Sit back, take your heels off, mix yourself a nice pink cocktail and imagine Barbie’s mother. We have, and she’s fabulous!


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