Virtual Styling #162: Fashion Week

Posted on April 26 2023


Barbara, Jacque & Tracie step into Fashion Week in Virtual Styling #162. Fashion is a form of expression that allows individuals to showcase their personality, creativity, and style. It is a constantly evolving industry that requires individuals to take risks and push boundaries.

One of the risks of fashion is that trends are constantly changing. What was in style yesterday may not be in style today. As a result, if you want to stay on top of the latest trends, you must be willing to take risks and try new things. That means experimenting with new colors, patterns, and styles.

Another risk of fashion is that it can be expensive. This means that individuals who want to stay on trend must be willing to invest in their wardrobe. We’ve tried to choose styles tonight that won’t break the bank.

Ultimately, fashion requires us to take chances, invest in our wardrobe, and potentially face criticism. However, those who are willing to take these risks can create a signature style that sets them apart and allows them to express their personality and creativity. We say, be bold, be adventurous, and most importantly, be fabulous!


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