Virtual Styling #161: Unconventional Blue

Posted on April 19 2023


Barbara & Karen showcase blue in every hue in Virtual Styling #161. Unconventional blues, those shades that are just a little off from the traditional blue palette, are all the rage this season, and frankly, are pretty refreshing.

All of our designers have caught the blue bug and we love the way many of our Spring Collections have combined various shades of blue with pops of color. We are definitely on board with a little: “purple is the new blue” mentality with gorgeous shades of lavender, wisteria and lilac holding its own in this sea of blue.

Did you know that research shows that colors can be physically healing…and that the color blue can lower blood pressure. So if you need a new reason to shop, that’s a great reason to incorporate blue into your wardrobe and your doctor will agree!

We love blue and the key is really its vibrancy…it’s such a wearable and flattering color and we know there’s a shade that's perfect for you!! Sit back and relax and let blue help you renew!!


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